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Deep Tillage Cultivator
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model: SS-500
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Deliver: In days
Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2012-06-29 15:50
Dimension (mm):1540*660*800(L*W*H)
Cutter Axle Speed (rpm):Forward high speed:161, Forward low speed:50
Reverse high speed:102, Reverse low speed:32
Operating width (mm): 270~900
Operating depth(mm):100~300
Main clutch: ension pulley belt clutch type
Handle control: Free adjustment for height
Mode of operation: Breaking land with rotary cutter

High efficient of work:
1. The tillage blade can change, tillage short blade, tillage long blade and more long blade type all can installation.
2. Extra cultivate wide and deep, suitable to tillage for shallow and deep, can pulverizing weeding and furrowing.
Long time used:
The main gear case materials to be made of cast-iron, firm and durable, due to more weight, may increase to cultivate
more deep.
Engine Type:
1. Air cleaner used oil bath type engine, the high efficient to filter dust, the engine use life may extend.
2. It can be installed with 5~8 hp gasoline engine.

Design of safety:
1. Main gear case used speedy control slip of tension pulley clutch system to installation.
2. Operation handle to install an engine switch for safety.
Design of humanity:
1. Operation handle can adjustment up and down each section 10 degree, the operator will according to working change
handle for height.
2. Can furrowing for install the ridger (plow)