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model: TS-628
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TS-628H Two Wheel Cultivator c/w Robin 7.5HP Gasoline Engine

Dimension (mm):1480*660*800(L*W*H)
Rotary axle Speed(rpm):Forward/376, Reverse/596
Operating width (mm):150~600
Operating depth (mm): 120~200 / One pass of cutting
Engine model: ROBIN EY28BO
Engine type: Air-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engine
Output (hp/rpm): 7.5/ 2000
Starting system: Recoil starter type
Air cleaner type: Oil-bath

Design of Safety:
1. Main gear case used speedy control slip of tension pulley clutch system to installation.
2. When backward rotary axle stop to rotation can avoid tillage blade accidentally injure the body.
Design of Humanity:
1. Operate handle rotated 180 degree and may adjustment up and down each section 10 degree, the operator will according to
working change handle for operated.
2. To install the iron wheel and tillage blade, it can to take in and out for pin and not necessary to use hand tool.
3. We have special design two type, separated single wheel and double wheel for customer to choose, those are satisfaction by
user and more easy to transport.

Handle control: 80°Rotation, free and adjustment for height (Up or down each section 10 degree)
Mode of operation:Breaking land with rotary cutter and operation for plow
Main clutch: ension pulley belt clutch type